Black People Go Camping For The First Time

so things aren’t going well and everybody kept making jokes about what could happen to us and that was ah the great outdoors a welcoming place for some and a very scary place for other people hi I’m Lia Zahra and I grew up hiking camping and even being a Girl Scout but a lot of my black friends in it but why well for starters African Americans were actually legally banned from being in national and state parks until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 rude so even if we wanted to go camping we weren’t even allowed to go so today I’m on a mission to break down stereotypes of what black folks don’t do and take my friends camping for their very first time all right so let’s meet our campers I’ve never really officially been camping before I’ve done like a version of where we slept by the car at a lake so I decided to go on this camping trip because you know captain is actually on my bucket list of things that I want to do so my role in this camping trip was to be the sound and film guy I love being outside I love camping I have zero experience with camping because I do not do the outdoors I was excited to bond with people like I felt like if we sat around the campfire you know what I was really afraid of everything else I’m accustomed to a certain lifestyle like a roof over my head and running hot water and food that I can prepare at a stove I was being stripped of all of that in the woods at night like I could die my fears going into this trip definitely you were in rattlesnakes I think just the thought of the idea of just seen and potentially seeing a snake in the wilderness while sleeping will probably be more horrible I signed up for this but now I’m like second-guessing this decision well they’re coming rules rule number one you must build your own shelter well I have a PhD so YouTube is available well number two you must storage for your own food that is either a plant or an animal like you jerk that’s a damn line I don’t know if I can eat these vegetables and I’m vegan so rule number three you must build your own fire without the use of a match or flames ok yep where are layers how about that rule number 4 you cannot use your cell phone it will be completely disconnected from electronic devices rule number 5 you’ll be provided with everything that you guys need to survive in the forest and you must use everything in the survival pack I know you’re nervous I don’t want you to be nervous and you will be prepared for the woods in order to prepare my friends for the woods guys I have brought in an expert to teach you you got like a crash course in camping from Krista survivalist my name is Christopher Naresh I started the school of self-reliance about 40 years ago to teach people about all the skills that you guys can need on your very enjoyable trip that’s about to come it was good it was definitely helpful I think some of the stuff the gentleman had you know told us about I kind of reminded myself a remember they brought the entire trip it was a crash course because I can’t tell you one thing I was supposed to do he’s good me and I did not feel prepared and it’s not that he did a bad job it’s just that I was so scared that I’m like nope not going on this trip the car right up there was cool it was fun cuz I think we were all like really excited that this thing was finally gonna happen Wow it was wildly cramped not enough space for anyone to breathe and we immediately started sharing each other’s carbon dioxide which is very poisonous I had so much anxiety on the car ride over because I just didn’t know what to expect and the unknown scares me a lot of the time but above it’s not even of a dog and you just see something creeping oh yeah it could be a human oh don’t don’t be alarmed just stacy and everybody kept making jokes about what could happen to us and that was just felt really bad for asia cuz this was not feeling it the whole right up there the whole three hours oh closer we started to get to the camping ground the more that reality starts to set in like i I’m really about to do this cramping thing and we were told once we get to like a certain street corner of the Avenue place that we were supposed to call this person prior to getting past it because we would lose our service and he wasn’t answering and I was like y’all we need to turn around now so things already aren’t going well imma met this is Leah from BuzzFeed our group is about 15 to 20 minutes away we are we haven’t lost reception yet I have five bars but I wanted to give you a call so we’ll see you soon that’s not stressful at all girl sir answer your phone come a million times ain’t playing no games about to hop out the cards and go where so we’re calling no answer calling no answer and leave those here destiny look maybe you call and she was like listen to this police mail and I go to listen to the voice when the guy goes hello I was very relieved in the fact that I was not literally being thrown into the middle of the woods like it was a very open place you could see the sky it really reminds you of the hills and eyes watch their movie just imagine that scene of just like in the middle of nowhere you know just expecting the worst like some bears some some wild animal just to jump out of nowhere we were greeted by the sweetest dogs one of them was Chewie we were greeted by a guy named Lynette he is the owner of this property girl so the property owner gave us a tour of the land and again everything was really spread out I am scared to go anyway it was so many flies so many flies so many flies I wanted to stay in the car there was be like a rattlesnake zone I was totally down for it Te’o was definitely afraid to see a rattlesnake and I was really hoping we would see one just cuz I wanted to know what his reaction would be like I want to see this man squeal I see a snake holes soon as I saw that my guards my eyes my whole mindset is literally shifted because every step that I took was just more so as a snake there is a snake there is a snake there yeah so that’s the cue when I don’t walk past these lines here I love how everyone keeps joking about rattlesnakes I’m not come on aja snakeskin just laying around somewhere a freak took us down to the river which was you know it’s colder so it wasn’t that high go towards the edge of like sort of a cliff and it just like dives down it’s so pretty that’s the river we’re gonna take a shower in taking a shower in the river it looked absolutely refreshing you just wanted to dive in and drink it and you can’t drink it I’m not bathing in this river yeah to myself because I have high anxiety and like I’m doing it honestly just being here is brave of me and I feel like everybody out there is gonna be like why she even there if she’s like not gonna actually do it this is hard for me it is like I’m afraid of everything and this Asia ah bless her heart I was really worried about homegirl she didn’t want to do this before we left and I was really surprised that she followed through I think that she was definitely gonna have the biggest challenge on this trip but she was like very adamant about like I want to do is I wanna conquer my fears unbeknownst to me because I’m just the film a sound guy everyone received a survivalist guide lesson before the trip I did not so I had to figure out everything on my own now I’m just holding this all the coulomb videos how to purify water now I won’t go to a place if there’s not a good source of water because you cannot tell by looking at the water if it’s safe to drink if it looks pure and it’s flowing and it’s cold that doesn’t mean it’s safe and if it’s stagnant with a lot of bugs that doesn’t mean it’s bad so you have to have some mechanism for purifying the water the commercial filter and all of the biological and other contaminants are sucked up in here we really only had a little bit of time before we lost the Sun so we had to like complete a lot of tasks and a little bit of time about to go dude is that suck water directly or connect the bottle they’re really troopers I appreciate those tailing me I’m pretty sure we probably poisoned them because they tried to drink through the filter and I sipped out of the straw and I’m pretty sure I probably would have gotten Chaconne guy the instructions I was definitely jeopardizing my life check it out unlike the purifier in store we also had water bottles again legal told me that I had to give them water we only had a couple hours to actually complete the tasks we had to build a shelter we had to start a fire we had to forage for food and hopefully never get attacked by an animal so we’ve got to build a tent like right there Oh who’s y’all you build in the tent winners I will supervise you put the tarp down all right look at you you’re on it you don’t get a tent without instructions follow those instructions okay it’s pretty self-explanatory what I tell people when you buy ten and you’re at home take it apart put it together so you’re not in the dark in a funny place so you’re going to ask this boy he said there’s instruction so we put together these lovely tents that’s a lot it was a lot in his hot owner there’s two sources of food one big source is plants the other big sources animals native people all ate the acorns that was a good source of protein and carbohydrates you can survive on acorns alone if you don’t want to eat the snakes and fish and things like that I ain’t fighting no squirrel in a survival situation anything that flies crawls swims whatever you can eat the rattlesnake has the big triangular head so you just you could avoid that one house on that one okay you say rattle snake snakes read a book you just chop off the head you pull the skin off when you’re gonna kill an animal you don’t do it for fun if you’re gonna if you kill it you’re gonna eat it we saw some cactus so no I’m not eating any fish no raccoon meat so this is a young cactus pad this particular paddle-shaped one they’re all edible if you get them young even if it’s old and stiff you can still peel it and pull the fiber out and eat it and I want you to tell me what it tastes like if you find this you could eat it raw I’ll try some too so you don’t think I’m trying to poison you this is really a superfood with all of the amino acids and everything it has you might be lucky enough to find this when you go up there so no there are no poisonous cacti Oh Lord it looks like tails found something what did you have we come up on some cactus the littler ones the more recent ones are the ones that we could use oh no just like through like butter yes we’re gonna put these cacti over the fire today Te’o and Asia we’re fine though because there were plenty of cactus to pull from and I said great y’all pull from that I’ll just starve our guide said that there’s a bunch of gopher here there’s really not a lot and I is freaking out and I do not want her to have to help catch an animal of any sort I was secretly like going to get them food because I really didn’t want them to starve and I had no idea how hard it would be to find vegan food the last part of the day was to actually build this fire woods to light up and stay warm tonight because the temperature is going to drop to 31 degrees so we’ve got to stay warm oh I’m so proud it’s really important to be able to make a fire you’re not gonna have matches and they’re not gonna let you have a big this is a magnesium fire starting tool and it has a little insert artificial flint called ferrocerium you guys are gonna have one when you spark like that and then when you direct that into some fine fluff you get a fire starting the fire was the most fun challenge because we were all so competitive and determined to be the one that lit the fire I get this light going you must make fire oh we got something [Music] No I’m gonna bring it down yeah we need paper we don’t know how to light a fire with a stick shot unless we really did so I brought this as a backup I know it’s a break breaking the rules but we’re hungry the bonfire was the best part of this trip [Music] I see Leah with three hot dogs i watch her stick all three hot dogs directly to the layman for then leave and I said those people and they are crisp not even crisp they are ashed cuz she wanted us to eat those hot dogs and I said I’m not eating that hot dog I’m not doing it I think she tried it she said it tasted like ash like literally crumbled in her mouth see what those dogs look like look at it they’re good you can’t deceive you just a little burnt okay extra crispy what’s pie you dog I’m enjoying this fire and the heat that’s good thank God Aleeah brought food so we had sandwiches and not cactus paisa how you don’t know there [Music] the whole night I was like I’m never doing this again never doing this again never doing this again [Music] the boy is freezing you’re sleeping on the floor is one of the worst things ever it not even just like a nice pavement it was like you have like a piece of rock like sticking to your neck he had another piece of rocks you know hitting in the back of your lower back good morning y’all you said your help I already bought everything you said you said I don’t care I’ll go make sure everybody freezes and all right oh you sound sick I feel sick some people might complain I am a cuddler I was so cold like literally brought my legs overanxious body to get warm my booty I’m just gonna lay here and then my knees were digging into Destiny’s back no it was not fun it was not a great experience then we still had like a bunch of things to do like hack our lives up and make sure we cleaned up the campgrounds and shower outdoor shower and the world than this I thought that was dope and you’re just hearing like but birds chirping tayo showered first he’s told us that there was hot water yes I was told beforehand by the women that the shower was warm enough how’s the shower honestly fried to say like 30 minutes maybe 40 minutes it was just good it felt good I turned everything on turn the hot water on let the water run for a little bit I think I used up all the hot water maybe that’s the reason why hey buddy yo say hot water it never got hot it’s obviously one of the most relaxing moments that I can potentially think of doing his Cambridgeshire I took a cold ass shot nautical I took a freezing shower cuz mind you it was like thirty something to grieve earlier that day and my body had never warmed up it was freezing it was frigid I felt like spikes on my skin the soap smelt good which helped me feel warm people did not know how to run the hot water I figured it out and I told them but nobody wanted to listen anybody’s not overall the best part of this camping trip was bonding with my co-workers I honestly didn’t really know everyone on this trip very well because like I’m pretty new to buzzfeed but it was so nice to like get to know everybody I think what I really overcame was like my idea that camping is just a terrible and nobody should ever do it Asia was definitely the character that I was most intrigued by simply because she shuddered at the mere word of outside and the whole time we were there she was miserable and I felt so bad and I didn’t know what to do and I was like girl help me help you I surprised myself that I just like I mean I was pretty confident in that I’d be able to like survive going through this well tayo is afraid of snakes so so am I so I didn’t think he would handle it that well I thought I would do the best cuz I’m dope you know what I mean I just know what to do I watched a lot of Captain Planet growing up actually like putting him into play and seeing how miserable people were at certain parts I felt awful parts where we did have fun it made the whole trip like worth it I really did enjoy the fact that like I got to just be free and be me and not worry about oh my hair need to be done a certain kind of way or I need to look like this like I could just be like y’all we’ve been camping you know what this look like so really being in I’m gonna live this moment and enjoy this moment was the best part of being around the bonfire and also seeing a stars we saw all the stars and it was beautiful like it lit up the sky it was amazing I think the biggest challenge for me was being able to coordinate all of these different moving parts and keep people fed and alive like that’s a lot I was literally responsible for like five human lives but we had a good time would I do it again probably not but I think I would take my children camping so they can experience and decide for themselves could I go camping again yeah but I have no desire to hell yeah let’s go let’s do it today tomorrow I’m down next week I would be the first first in the clip just so y’all know I also quit before we even started but I made a promise to Leah I didn’t know she was gonna freeze us to death though an auto cuddle she cuddled everybody [Music] you [Applause]

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