Black Panthers Founder Bobby Seale on Trump, Sanders, and Democratic Socialism

we gotta change that sh*t, we gotta get…we
need as many progressive type politicians, I want some of these young folks to get out
here and get going, you don’t have to have a political party, you can use Green party
or you can use the Democratic party – use it. It’s about…it ain’t about, ‘well the
Democratic party is the Democratic party’. What’s more important is how progressive
in your heart and mind and soul are you? How truly dedicated are you to people’s
human liberation? Dedicated to getting as much as possible,
legislation and policies passed that make human sense, you know what I mean? That goes to human liberation. That’s what the whole sh*t is about. its like the Underground Railroad, years ago,
it was the white folks who run the, post the Underground Railroad, right? They put their lives on the line, you know
what I mean? Boom boom boom boom. Because if they got caught, these guys would
kill them. These slave owners would kill them, whatever,
my point is, who’s got some Underground Railroad spirit manifested in the general
white community while the oppression is going on. So, show your Underground Railroad spirit
and show it to me so I can shake your hand and so you can help us out with this goddamn
struggle, you guys are the majority of this s**t, anyway. So let’s change this motherf***ing s**t
for the betterment of humanity as a whole, you know. We gotta control political, electoral frameworks. We’ve got to have progressive people who
are gonna make and put together affordable health programs, them 70, them 89 or uh, congressmen
in the United States house of Representatives, there are 89 of them, they vote progressively. On a low scale they vote progressively, all
the way up to a high scale. Now the high scale, you’ve got some, that’s
all they do is progressive, you know what I mean? But that’s what’s there. Now, we need three times that many in the
House of Representatives. You know, so we can have the majority of the
f***ing seats. If we got majority of the seats, boom boom
boom boom boom. And say to the avaricious corporate money
rich, we gonna tax your **s and your **s gonna pay some fair share and we’re gonna pay
for this school too and education and we’re gonna pay for this and we’re gonna do…this
is Bernie Sanders’ program. Yeah. Bernie Sanders’ program, see, and I’m
so glad he said Democratic Socialism. You see what I mean? Democrat, that means people involvement, you
see. See I look at it, participatory, the greater
the participatory democracy. It is the people who can vote, put a referendum
on the ballot, who can vote, you know what I mean? To deal with an impeachment, to vote. That’s the part. People have that power to do that, etcetera,
and you make legislation to really allow them to do it, so they can get in motherf***er’s
***es about all the bulls**t. You know what I mean? Gotta be able to get in the motherf***er’s
***es on the … avaricious corporate money rich racist’s ***es. You gotta be able to get in on ‘em and you
need legislation to get that s**t done and boom, you know? All they’re gonna do is repress, you know? You see old dumb**s Trump. “Well I can’t stand that press, they are
the most ugliest rotten press people there.” I said, “Look at this motherf***er over
here talkin’ s**t.” Hehehe. Today he did talk a lot about fake news. I know, oh that fake news. No s**t, you motherf***ers sent out fake news. Excuse me. Oh don’t get me into cussing on these guys.


  1. M'ster Lewis said:

    We are keep this spirit alive ..

    August 9, 2017
  2. Lucifer said:

    Is that Death Grips on the background?

    January 16, 2018
  3. dumb thicc wizard said:

    Let's change this motherfuckin shit

    July 6, 2018

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