Battle for Communism Episode 1:Dummie!

I'm so bored today what should I do oh I know I should have host an object show yeah that would be a great idea but what should I call my objects show mm-hm no I need some help hey wait is that the famous doggie DJ plays with a whopping 101 subscribers oh my god could you sign my autograph wait no so uh doggy I need some help from you because I'm hosting a new object show and it doesn't have a name and I really need a name for it because if it doesn't have a name I'm hoping to make fun of it and then when I go to school boy you're gonna put me on top of the American flag I just need your help alright so do you think you can help me out during my struggles and give me suggestions and like help me out you think you could do that oh my gosh Donny DJ plays since you don't want to help me well then fine be it I'll find someone else who respects me think you don't want to speck to me umm me phone sent you're canceling an anime and Sandy and starting a new show I will get the camera so you can start and call the contestants okay okay me phone I started greetings and salutations I am your host V phone four and this is battle for communism yeah I'm hosting a new show so I want you guys to join and wait what shut up no this isn't gonna be a failure like my other ones okay just be quiet all right this one's gonna work so uh I want you guys to meet me at 666 at Obama Lincoln time yeah I'll work out so um meet me there Thanks okay bye so what there's like this guy named me food and he caught us here and he got me here and uh why are we in the middle of nowhere why are we here like why hey comrade ugh what do you want I was wondering if we could be friends no heck off so what's the prize the prize is three seven one two four seven three four seven two eight four seven eight three seven three eight nine five seven three eight four seven two five seven one nine three five four nine five nine eight zero dollars oh boy I can't wait to make new friends doggie I thought you'd add an hour a hundred subs special house party that we set for you oh my gosh I didn't even make it there oh we have to do parkour oh yeah I'm good well I made it your next challenge a tweet where did I say your next challenge I even though it's your first challenge but whatever anyways your first challenge is to a mine diamonds and crafts oh no no just just frickin go oh well this should be easy I have some diamonds in my backpack so I think I should get some of those good craft out of it yeah okay well I better get started freeze immune one spot left oh wait you know what I give up I got a mind sometimes but we're all right there's a cave right over there well I better start crafting hey doggy DJ plays what's up so do you want to record a video handycam I'm not using you anymore what yeah I'm using OBS now but OBS sucks you should know this you're dead to me now how am I gonna mind these diamonds oh I could just get a pickaxe luckily I know just the guy who could give me one so you want a pickaxe from me so you can mine the diamond and then craft something and then win the challenge and then you can pick the team then surely win it yep okay well then go to Sonic Land Green Hill Zone and then steal the chose emeralds from Sonic and then give them to me so I will give you my diamond pickaxe yes now then it got all the choice emeralds I can turn into Super Sonic or whatever it goes like I don't know since communism flag and doggie day plays are the only ones that are doing the freaking challenge and there's only one spot left for immunity that means if only one person is going to get immunity which person will it be let's find out you know what I'll just throw it there whoosh looks like a ball from VfB has a diamond block so neither done huge in your place or communism flag actually get him unity so a paw and furry get to pick the team's next episode put the Freak April why would you betray me like that steal my diamond block I thought we were friends we were the bestest of friends ok so well for communism flag gum stir doggy GG plays cupcake bandicam cat crate and don't vote for a puffin bfb or furry because they're safe so if you do vote for them then why so uh anyways voting ends July 21st 9 p.m. vote

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  1. Kate Miami said:

    I vote for gumster

    July 11, 2019

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