Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius December Horoscopes 2019

Hi everybody this is adam elenbaas from
nightlight astrology and these are your Sun and rising sign horoscopes for the
month of December 2019 in this video I’m going to be taking a look at the fire
signs we’re gonna look at Aries Leo and Sagittarius I recommend using your
rising sign but generally speaking you can use either the Sun or the rising and
sometimes checking out both is helpful as well so let’s go ahead and dive in
and we’ll start with Aries there are four groupings of transits that I’m
looking at this month I’m kind of breaking them into four little chunks
because that’s going to be the easiest way of dealing with it but this is you
could say that the effects of these transits are pretty much in effect all
month so I don’t feel the need to break them up too concretely because the
themes again are going to be carrying over really from the start to the end of
the month first of all let’s talk about the transits that are taking place in
the sign of Capricorn this month you have on December 2nd Jupiter is going to
work its way into the sign of Capricorn in your tenth house so you can see
Jupiter right here at the end of Sagittarius is going to bounce into your
10th house that’s a huge transition of Jupiter from one whole sign house to the
next in your birth chart that’s being accompanied by that’s on December 2nd
the 11th through the 14th or 10th through the 14th Venus in Capricorn will
conjoin Saturn and Pluto so we’re gonna see a confluence of Venus moving through
this sign in conjoining with Saturn and Pluto like the 10th through the 14th
I’ll move this ahead just a day or two so you can see what it’s going to look
like when Jupiter bumps into that sign the gist of it is that you’re gonna have
a very packed 10th house in Capricorn and then on the 25th into the 26th right
on Christmas there is a solar eclipse conjoined with the planet Jupiter that
will be also in your tenth house so loads of action in the 10th house this
month let’s keep it simple the 10th house was originally called the house of
karma or praxis which meant action this is a house that tells us about the
actions that you will be compelled to take in the world you don’t have a lot
of choice in the matter this is a crib house that really defines your journey
in life and the kinds of things that you may do for a living or that you may come
to be known for publicly whether that’s fame or infamy as well as just the main
plotline that drives your life forward in the sense of having a purpose or a
calling out in the world out in the in the grand narrative of the collective so
when planets come through this house there’s oftentimes a huge emphasis on
your career but it can be more broadly speaking that there are big turns
happening in the sort of calling or destined trajectory the destin’d
storyline of your life in general so you want to watch for that this month
specifically because Jupiter is entering your 10th house which means there’s a
lot of growth and expansion that’s coming but potentially professionally a
solar eclipse towards the end of the month that has the the feeling of a new
chapter that’s opening up in your life Venus moving through conjunctions with
Saturn and Pluto has the feeling of being very contractive and heavy maybe a
little bit more difficult especially in the area of relationships in your life
right now maybe relationships that have something
to do with your work or things changing in the workplace or a degree of
heaviness but also regeneration and rebirth in the workplace or again with
Venus potentially any kind of relationships now Jupiter brings
expansion into your career house like right now and for the whole year to come
but it’s Jupiter in its fall in the sign of Capricorn which means that there can
be a certain contractive heavier difficult energy it’s a great year but
there’s a ton of work it’s a great year but there’s reordering or restructuring
of some kind it’s a great year but there are challenges with authority figures in
the workplace or turnover of management or things like that it’s it’s a good
year but you’re starting from the bottom floor working your way up you it’s a
long term process or project that you’re building right now there’s reason to be
hopeful but it’s a very sober realistic Jupiter compared to you know any other
sign that Jupiter would travel through okay so that’s your emphasis on the
tenth house for the month but also kind of a banner month because of the solar
eclipse and Jupiter’s ingress into the 10th house this month is a kind of
turning point for you even to either broadly speaking in terms of the
storyline of your life something something significant is changing or in
terms of career dynamics in particular now the other transits that I have my
eye on this month involves squares from the Sun in Sagittarius in your ninth
house to Neptune in Pisces in the twelfth house that’s going to happen
around the 7th of the month but then what we’re gonna see and I’ll just move
this forward a little bit so you can see how this works then such excuse me
mercury is also going to enter your ninth house and that’s happening what
around the ninth of the month and then around the 20th of the month mercury and
Sagittarius will also move into a square with Neptune so you’re gonna eventually
see mm-hmm let me see if I can point this out here
eventually gonna see mercury moving through the Square to Neptune as well
now the reason that this is a big deal is because the full moon around the
eleventh or the twelfth is also going to fall in the sign of Gemini in your third
house down here and basically what that entails is a kind of kind of what we
might call a t-square there’s a lot of energy sort of pouring through see if I
can get this correct it’s hard to jump around here there we go so a lot of
energy pouring through the cadent houses 3 9 and 12 with the full moon in Gemini
right so these houses have a lot to do with the mind with your beliefs with the
topics of learning and education sometimes technology but also with the
12th house there is the the 12th house is a house where your doubts may be a
topic for exploration or your inner shadows or some kind of self-destructive
streak that you’re looking at as well as the need sometimes to turn inward or to
look for a little bit of healthy seclusion but also potentially the
topics of depression or isolation so it’s a little bit of a it has the
feeling of a month that could be very educational where the topic of your
beliefs or ideals or even the topics like ethics or justice or the law or the
search for truth in the universe these kinds of things even education in
a general sense can be a topic but this isn’t just any this isn’t just a nice
third house ninth house month we’ve got the square going on from both the Sun
and mercury and the full moon to Neptune in the twelfth house so that usually
means that there is there is a subtext going on this month in the life of the
mind you could say that you’re exploring your
doubts again at a very deep level and trying to work through them could be a
crisis of faith kind of looking for the truth and feeling confused as to what to
believe or not to believe you also there’s a potential for there to be kind
of an otherworldly quality to these transits because Neptune will sometimes
connect us with altered states of consciousness with things that are
transcendental highly imaginative but sometimes you can’t tell if they’re real
or not or if they’re grounded in reality or not so the question of intellectual
mental analytical discernment as well as allowing yourself to go beyond the
confines of the mind there could also be just a sense in which you are moving
through different levels of mental or intellectual conflict with others this
month the full moon in Gemini and the third house is very communicative
curious it’s a nice social energy but it’s ruler Mercury’s in the opposite
house of the ninth and it’s detriment opposing the moon and both are squaring
Neptune which basically again could mean that when it comes to the communication
of beliefs ideals philosophies there may be some conflict and there also it may
also be difficult to sort out what you actually believe or what you actually
think it’s a great month to reflect very deeply on your beliefs or to open your
mind to something that maybe is a little challenging for you or to consider the
beliefs and ideas of others you also have to be careful of the idea of you
know persuasion and basically getting a little pushed around or pushing others
around with some kind of intellectual or you know some kind of agenda basically
but I like the optimism of this transit as just a really great
time of learning and reflection spiritually and intellectually so we’ll
see how that’s taking place this month I’d love to hear your your take on that
transit in particular because it was one that I sat and riddled with for awhile
just being like okay what exactly is going on here
it’s it seems to be a like a a transit that should bring a lot of learning and
the conversation about beliefs teachers ideas and thought but also like how do
these things play out in our lives and our relationships and maybe some degree
of confusion or doubt or a little bit of an existential crisis of sorts related
to one’s faith so at any rate the final transit of the month that I’ve really
got circled for everyone this month is Venus’s eventual Square to the planet
Uranus so that happens pretty late in the month and I’ll pull this around
so here’s Venus in your 11th hole sign house making a square to Uranus in the
second house and I think this transit kind of goes along with what I was just
saying here you have Venus in the house the eleven that was associated with
groups friends allies benefactors colleagues basically anyone who either
is helping you with something or shares similar values goals ideals it also is a
house that has to do with helping other people in a general sense being an ally
to people or having allies so the interesting thing is that Venus in that
house would typically bring you know kind of camaraderie friendships allies
it would just kind of highlight the joy and pleasantness of friends and groups
but we have Venus square to Uranus here who is the disrupter the the innovator
the rebel so there’s some kind of shake-up happening for you socially this
month and I think it has a lot to do with faith and beliefs or a faith
community or an academic environment or something like that or some kind of
challenge that you have of navigating differing ideas conflicts that are
mental or intellectual with others who are close to you or having people
challenge your views in an in a healthy way that’s just one possibility the
other thing here could be something about a shake-up around money finances
and chips or money in groups somehow
opportunities arising that are sort of spontaneous and interesting around
making money or around business okay so that’s what I’ve got for Aries let’s
move ahead to Leo so and we’ll go back to the beginning of the month and sort
of start over so for Leos let’s start over with
Capricorn right Capricorn is the energy of all of these transits Jupiter and
Capricorn starting on December 2nd and then between the 10th and the 14th Venus
is going to conjoin with Saturn and Pluto in this house and then on the 25th
into the 26 we have a new moon solar eclipse conjoined with Jupiter in your
sixth house so what do we make of all of that it helps to understand the meaning
of the house because when you have a confluence of energies flowing through
one house in a month the best thing to do is to understand the house so the
sixth house was traditionally called the joy of Mars and the house of misfortune
Mars symbolized for example hard work and labor like labor in the fields where
it’s just back-breaking year Under the Sun that’s why the house is also
associated with slavery and slaves in the old world but not you know not alone
that was it was a house of drudgery so if you have a job that you don’t like
doing because it’s really hard work and it’s aggravating that’s the sixth house
on the other hand any kind of hard labor even if it’s for a good cause could be
the sixth house just hard grueling work in general there’s an aura of sacrifice
that’s always surrounded the sixth house this was the joy of Mars and Mars was
originally the planet of martyrs or people who gave and selfless sacrifice
and so the idea of dying for something like the military was traditionally
located in the sixth house military training and service and warfare all
things were you fight for something that you believe in or some kind of cause but
also people who are you know mercenaries are people for hire who would just fight
for you know a dollar the sixth house also has to do with anything chronically
frustrating debilitating or causing accident or injury or harm ill health
but also again people like surgeons or medics or
people who work in the trenches social workers doctors nurses people who are
there working in the terrain of suffering now when you have Jupiter I’ve
been in a noble and ennobling planet a planet of expansion and the moral order
of the universe Zeus right entering this house but Venus conjoining Saturn and
Pluto but as Ana solar eclipse in the sixth house there are some really big
there’s some challenging things happening right now the simplest thing
we could say about Jupiter entering this house and the solar eclipse with Jupiter
happening this month and your sixth house is that there is in the year ahead
you’re going to be doing hard work for something that you believe in or there’s
going to be hard work involved but there’s some sense of the goodness
behind it or the need for charity or help from others while dealing with a
hard time there’s some noble cause here I think the other thing that could be
there is having to work or slave away for something that looks good on the
surface but that as you go on you discover not all it’s cracked up to be
or it’s something selfish posing in the costume of something generous or
benevolent that’s Jupiter’s complication in the sign of Capricorn but it’s a year
where you know you the Jupiter wants to bring abundance and wants to bring that
noble virtuous goodness but it’s moving into a house that’s filled with hard
work and oftentimes a degree of suffering now that doesn’t mean
something good can’t come of it something you know but with Jupiter’s
gonna be a long-term plan it’s gonna be hard work laying a foundation so that’s
kind of what I’m seeing right there for Leos with Jupiter in the sixth then the
new moon solar eclipse announces the same thing a new chapter opening up
that’s like this this Jupiter Ian ideal now Venus hitting Saturn and Pluto
between the 10th and the 14th of the month that’s a little bit more
complicated that feels like a difficult maybe a bit of a battle zone what’s that
song love is a battlefield it feels that way for Venus friendships allies love
relationships going through a sobering difficult period this could be a lover
who’s sick or a friendship a relationship that has to work through
something difficult now Pluto is regenerative so there’s hope
appear that some healing can be experienced but hard work around
Venusian things this month which could also apply for you to siblings sisters
friends because specifically because Venus is also the ruler of your third
house of siblings and brethren and kin which was the third house originally and
also this could be taking place to some extent with regard to your career and we
say that also because Jupiter’s trying to Uranus and the 10th house this much
which is actually something I forgot to mention for Aries sorry sorry Aries
people you can you can see that the the Jupiter for excuse me for people who
have the Aries energy just backing up a second in case you missed that for Aries
the Jupiter trying to Uranus is expansive for everybody this month it
signals the potential for real breakthroughs so you know for Aries that
was in their career house sorry everyone now Jupiter for you similar idea right
Jupiter’s hitting a trine to Uranus in your career house so we’re talking about
yeah some hard work but something that you believe in and something that has
the potential to be quite revolutionary with the trying to Uranus in the 10th
house that’s taking place this month okay yeah
actually made a note not to forget Jupiter trying to Uranus because I did
in my own monthly overview video and then I just almost forgot it again so
that is my bad anyway alright so the other major transit of
the month of course is a series of transits between the Sun and mercury in
Sagittarius which land in your fifth house and a trine or excuse me Anna
Square to Neptune in Pisces now the Sun will square Neptune in Pisces around the
seventh of the month mercury enters sad around the ninth and then
mercury will square Neptune around December 20th in the meantime the full
moon you can see right here about the ninth is going to come through the 10th
11th and it’s gonna land in Gemini in the 11th house let’s scoot this along so
you can see that so we’re creating a bit of a t-square this month between these
three areas of the chart now that’s the fifth house the 11th house in the 8th
house so let’s talk about what that might mean especially given the
influence of Neptune in the midst of the Sagittarius
Gemini axis kind of T squaring the two right there so the simplest thing we can
say is that there is something for every one of ideological or philosophical
concern this month or educational or mental or intellectual or even
communicative its mental energy in a general sense but potentially the
interest in faith belief and larger encompassing visions of the universe or
truth or moral order or politics so it gets ideological in other words and then
there’s this you know this emphasis on the Gemini full moon around the 10th and
the 11th but the moon in Gemini is in Mercury sign and Mercury is opposed to
the moon in the sign of its detriment Sagittarius
so all of this is saying that it could be a month where there’s just there’s a
lot of emphasis on the mind and a transformation of the mind but it’s
specific for you two groups of people the eleventh house allies or friends and
you may be trying to figure out okay where do I where do I stand as an
individual and how how do my own beliefs and ideals or my own creative needs
compromise with those that I have larger allegiance with for example if you’re in
a religious or academic environment or you’re a larger social group of friends
or something like that the question might be you know you you are in some
ways needing to depart from the norm this month or your friends are getting
into things that you you have some disagreement with or there is something
happening in a group you belong to where there are conflicting philosophical
views figuring out how to be yourself and how to not succumb to peer pressure
or how to allow others to be themselves and to have differing values or ideals
from you but still come together on larger issues that are very important to
you and maybe even to your career or general life path this could be very
confusing because of the t-squared in Neptune all month where you know Neptune
can create this easily persuadable environment where you’re easily taken in
by people because maybe you want to be on their good side or you want to be
popular you want to be liked or you may have the potential
to persuade others to your point of view but that may not be the healthiest thing
in the world the tension between differences and
unity on the mental intellectual or spiritual levels this month and how to
be a creative individual but how to be a part of something bigger it’s gonna be a
challenging theme and especially when there’s something at stake something
that somebody needs or wants or desires that can you know twist or taint things
just a little bit okay so that’s the sad Pisces transits with the full moon in
Gemini in your 11th 5th and 8th there’s also about karmic debts with other
people really deep intricate kind of web of what what you what you are owed and
what you owe other people you know you could say karmically in this lifetime
especially within groups of people or larger cultures that you belong to or
something like that alright anyway that was a little inneg matic sorry last but
not least Venus around the 22nd of the month is going to enter you’re gonna see
Venus enter the sign of Aquarius in your seventh house of relationships and move
through a square the 20th to the 22nd to Uranus in your tenth house of career
this is interesting Venus entering the seventh house is good for relationships
it brings harmony and a certain degree of happiness into relationships that’s
good after Venus went through Saturn and Pluto in the middle of the month now
towards the end of the month Venus is you know moving into a happier house in
your in your chart one that should bring more pleasing interactions with others
but Venus is hitting the square to Uranus the rebel the disrupter the
innovator the agent of sudden revolution that’s unexpected
so Venus is um Venus going through a lot this month I think that there’s
something really good cooking for you this month around relationships and
friendships or greater even greater professional allegiances but it’s gonna
go through a real shake up a little bit more serious the first half of the month
later in the month I think things get more creative with this transit more
interesting but the need to break free and look for greater independence is
going to be a theme whether it’s pea that need to break away from from you or
you from them but this should also provide you with new creative outlets
should be coming through as at the same time and should actually benefit your
professional life as well okay so let’s go on now let’s go back to the beginning
of the month and let’s take a look at Sagittarius
so Sagittarius we’re gonna start the same with the same idea of the Capricorn
transits being the biggest of the month and those are all going to fall in your
second house now that is the house of money finances resources values and even
esteem one’s own esteem right so when you look at the eighth house for example
traditionally we can associate it with the esteem of others now this is the
house it has a lot to do with our own self esteem our own values our own
possessions resources money the things that belong to us that we are in
possession of whether it’s an inner resource or whether it’s the amount of
money in our bank account now this also this house has the connotation of being
a little materialistic you have to be careful because this house sometimes
points to a certain level of indulgence or the complicated relationship that we
have with material things in the material world now Jupiter enters this
house on December 2nd and then you’ve got a new moon solar eclipse on December
25th and 26th and then Venus is going to go through a conjunction to Saturn and
Pluto between the 10th and the 14th so a lot of emphasis on the second house so
what can we say well first of all there are significant changes happening let’s
say around your money values resources and finances this month sometimes that
means with Jupiter entering that house that you’re going to start a new chapter
of your life financially but that in some ways it it’s a it is marked by
austerity or it’s marked by the need to limit or redefine or start from the
ground up or you’re building something but and it’s exciting and it there’s a
certain aura of potential success but it’s long-term success you could say or
it’s it’s building from some more bare foundation like you know starting to
build a house in the middle of winter some
you know trying to set a foundation and a rock hard ground it has the feeling of
having to deal with adversity potentially financially or some
significant changes financially that you have to work through and it’s it’s a big
upheaval of some kind you’re also looking at the potential for there to be
issues around money and love or money in relationships or money and friendships
where Venus is moving through the conjunction to Saturn and Pluto between
like the 10th and the 14th that can just symbol signify again that that the the
theme of deep structural transformations around your assets money wealth
resources the value you place on your own time and energy stuff like that
going through significant changes a total restructuring with Saturn Pluto
about to conjoin in January but Venus again moving through the conjunction of
Saturn and Pluto says and now is where there’s an intersection between this
restructuring process and the people that you love or are close to or no
romantic interest or something like that you also it’s Venus Saturn to Pluto in
the second could also mean you’re just you’re literally selling or getting rid
of possessions or that you’re you’re dealing with some kind of investment or
asset or resource and some may be something a little bit more difficult or
heavy it’s not a bad time to purge and to think about getting simple and clean
so that you have a start for the future so it looks good for you but some some
real work involved in the whole year ahead and the solar eclipse speaks to
that as well in the 25th and 26th solar eclipses take you know five to six
months to play out all right so the next transits that I really want to pay
attention to this month for for you Sagittarians the Sun and mercury in your
home sign making a square to Neptune in your fourth house of home and family and
then right around the 10th of the 11th we have the full moon in Gemini coming
through the seventh house so there’s kind of a t-square energy but houses
between houses one four and seven that’s playing out this month through the lunar
cycle and through again mercury and the Sun squares to Neptune and the fourth so
what does this mean well first of all the area questions about your sense of
who you are what your values are what your beliefs are really highlighted
right now there’s a sense of a new beginning that you’re probably really
excited about but the question is are the people that are close to you on
board with it are they helping or hindering that energy or that process we
ask that because the full moons gonna fall in the seventh house of
relationships in the sign of Mercury Gemini and Mercury will be opposed to
the moon in the sign of its detriment Sagittarius in the first house this
generally means ideological mental intellectual conflict or tension could
be very creative in nature doesn’t have to be bad in relationships or between
yourself and others and it might be related ultimately to how you were
raised to issues pertaining to home and family to deep healing and
transformation happening around home family roots concerns about property or
where you’re living and and things of that of that nature so that’s where so
much of the energy is constellated for you this month not a bad month – could
be compromising in your relationships but also be careful of trying to
persuade or being persuaded too intensely Mia should be careful of
people who are just very rigid and who will not you know come over to your side
of the of the court a little bit more so that can be a sign for you that
something may not be working and this may again have a particular like you may
notice that this has something to do around finances and maybe things
pertaining to the home or family we’re living environment just because of the
emphasis on of all the second house energy and Neptune and the fourth okay it may not be clear or easy to see
what’s real and what’s true and what to prioritize Neptune in the fourth is you
know it’s kind of like a person you know a person who’s homeless does not have
it’s it’s not always easy to think and negotiate clearly you know you’re you’re
susceptible to being taken advantage of if you’re trying to get a lease done
let’s say on a new apartment and you’re homeless at the moment
right you could easily get take advantage of in that situation there’s
something like that potentially happening this month where Neptune
creates a very deep-rooted level of vulnerability that could cloud or make
difficult decisions around relationships or conversations or debates that are
somehow happening within your relationships okay so let’s go forward
now to the last energy of the month that I’m really kind of concerned about and
and I did god I did it again I almost forgot for for this month the
other thing that’s happening for you is that love come around to Venus and
Uranus in a second but Jupiter is also trying to Uranus this month so you’ll
see that happening like right about here happens around the twenty if I crater on
the winter solstice Jupiter is going to try and Uranus this is actually a
fantastic energy in terms of the potential for a real breakthrough but
with Uranus in the sixth house for Sagittarians it’s going to it’s going to
involve the element of hard work or of sudden unexpected disruptions or
challenges that come up that are actually accelerating some kind of
growth process you have to trust that the any kind of potentially unexpected
setbacks has come up this month they may actually be a blessing in disguise so
watch for that alright so not forgetting Jupiter and Uranus all right now let’s
go it’s so funny it’s such a big transit to forget alright anyway now let’s go to
Venus and Uranus oh here we go there we are okay so last but not least
the other thing that’s happening is around the 20th to 22nd Venus in
Aquarius is going to our Venus is going to enter Aquarius and then immediately
Square Uranus and the sixth house so again that Urania and energy right
around the right around the winter solstice there’s a potential there for
this kind of breakthrough in relationships or friendships or the need
to break away from someone or something that it has been maybe a little
entangling in an unhealthy way Venus Uranus with an element of sixth house
involved means there’s some greater degree of freedom creativity innovation
the need for experimentation originality independence like you know it’s a very
like freedom-loving transit but Venus has to negotiate trying to be peaceful
and harmonizing with other people and the sixth house is a house that
generates conflict or challenges so generally speaking we’re looking at some
kind of potential moment of greater liberation and freedom creative
breakthrough of some kind especially in relationships and again very mental
verbal communicative with the third house but this is this is a this is a
breakthrough that is going to involve a little bit of stress or potential
disruptiveness and relationships like this could be the moment where you have
to have a challenging conversation with a sibling or a friend ultimately it’s
positive but it needs to happen so some kind of misunderstanding or something
can be disentangled that is holding you back or something like that so a little
bit of a diplomatic a moment of diplomatic challenge but ultimately I
think creative breakthrough around the 20th to 22nd and this may also have
something to do with money and finances as Jupiter’s hitting the trine from the
second house to to Uranus and the six at the same time if you could also be like
trying to help someone else get free of something difficult by donating
something or you know something like that so it could be some kind of
humanitarian or charity work as well alright so that’s what I’ve got for the
month for Sagittarians I hope that this was interesting for all of you fire
signs thanks for listening and I look forward to seeing you guys again for the
first horoscope of the year which will be coming up next
we have a big big Saturn and Pluto transit to look at in January so thanks
so much everyone bye


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    Aries sun it's been a hard time for me to find a job. Now i am wondering if i am looking for the right thing. But i don' t anderstand one thing. From the begining of the year many asrologers menthioned that it will be a special year and blabla. As the year comes to the end they changed thier sayings in a very negativ way 🤔

    December 3, 2019
  11. mojochi100 said:


    December 4, 2019
  12. Mini Yggdrasil said:

    Tell Saturn to chill.

    December 6, 2019
  13. FollowTheKat said:

    Hi Adam! Im new to your channel, can I ask why you recommend us watching our rising instead of our sun? thank you!!

    December 8, 2019
  14. Erica Blondell said:

    yoooo Adam, can we get some labels in future videos about what time which sign in being addressed? Thanks

    December 8, 2019

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