AOC’s Latest Proposal: Illegal Immigrants Get Same Welfare Benefits as Citizens

I’m not a naïf when it comes to why people
run for Congress, and it’s not solely to represent their constituents in a “Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington” sort of way. Part of the game, if you’re so lucky, is
building national recognition of your personal brand. It’s how you make the jump from freshman
representative to, say, senator, cabinet member or — dare to dream — president. At some point, though, you do have to pay
attention to your constituents and their needs. More specifically, it helps when you don’t
support giving away their money to individuals who aren’t citizens of this country, as
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently proposed in a move guaranteed to generate
news. And garner media attention it did, because
even though the New York Democrat’s legislative proposals have almost no chance of becoming
law, they’re covered with the kind of alacrity usually reserved for policy prescriptions
by Democratic presidential candidates. According to Fox News, the new suite of legislation
being pushed by the freshman congresswoman includes “national rent control and expanding
welfare to illegal immigrants across the country, as part of a massive new proposal aiming to
achieve a ‘just society.’” “A just society provides a living wage,
safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants
to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing,”
the website promoting “A Just Society” reads. “By strengthening our social and economic
foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by
rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society.” The website notes that “stark inequalities
are being used by those in power to amplify fear and anger in our communities and further
divide us. We must act boldly and swiftly to reverse the corrosive effects extreme inequality
and poverty are having on our society.” There are plenty of things in “A Just Society”
(I guess the fact that nobody says the words “Green New Deal” without a sneer anymore
meant it was time to propose a new, totally unpassable suite of legislation with a catchy
name) to either lampoon or be very afraid about. There’s nationwide rent control, which would
ban year-over-year rent increases of more than 3 percent. The Uplift Workers Act mandates
the federal government institute a “‘worker-friendly score’ for federal contracts.” The part everyone’s going to be talking
about, however, is that “A Just Society” provides welfare for illegal immigrants. “Notwithstanding any other provision of
law … an individual who is an alien (without regard to the immigration status of that alien)
may not be denied any Federal public benefit solely on the basis of the individual’s
immigration status,” the bill states. It describes a federal benefit as “any grant,
contract, loan, professional license, or commercial license provided by an agency of the United
States or by appropriated funds of the United States; and…any retirement, welfare, health,
disability, public or assisted housing, postsecondary education, food assistance, unemployment benefit,
or any other similar benefit for which payments or assistance are provided to an individual,
household, or family eligibility unit by an agency of the United States or by appropriated
funds of the United States.” This is a massive moral hazard, but the media
isn’t going to cover it. And why would they? This sounds good to the left, which means
that you’re not likely to see this challenged in any substantive way. The Green New Deal was given plenty of uncritical
coverage from the media, and this is going to be no different. AOC plays well in the
media, and thus the serious structural problems inherent in this are going to stay hidden
— at least, for a little while. That’s when Americans are going to start questioning
why citizens — in particular our veterans — are taking a back seat to illegal immigrants
in this plan. My guess is that she’s not going to have
an answer. After all, this is about starting a conversation, not producing results. “I think the conversation that the Green
New Deal sparked — like if I had to decide, would I rather have the resolution passed
or would I have rather preferred we start a national conversation about the urgency
of the climate crisis — I would have chosen the latter every single time,” she said
last month. Apparently, she now wants to have the same
conversation about whether illegal immigrants are entitled to your taxpayer dollars.

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  1. E Randco said:

    It’s unbelievably outrageous that illegals are supported, educated, entitled and receive healthcare on the taxpayers dime directly and indirectly. We taxpayers deserve restitution. It was a well kept secret for a reason. Vote out politicians that let this happen. One out congress members that won’t fund and ensure secure national borders. Not one breach is acceptable.

    October 8, 2019

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