Aftermovie Digital Society Conference 27-11-2018

I hope that over ten years we’ll have a
kind of whole generation of researchers who have a kind of rich
interdisciplinary understanding of the complexity of the challenges facing the
digital society and that would be there will be many people who many researchers
who are able to kind of design new products and take into account the kind
of ethical and social issues but equally that will have kind of social scientists
and humanities scholars who are able to understand the technology and the
possibilities that it brings both for society and for their own research now it was an honor to organize this workshop today about e-health implementation and a lot of stakeholders attended to discuss challenges but also
the opportunities for e-health implementation in the field because what
we see at this moment that there are a lot of opportunities there are many many
projects and research developments on enhance implementation however in
practice you see for example that care professionals do not only use it every
day that patients have to get used to it and that business develop needed to
cooperate such we need all the fields to cooperate for real implementation It is important that the Dutch universities companies and governments work together because this delegation is one of the most important changes in our
society today and it’s very complex and we can only solve the problems by
working together well the most important thing I’ve heard is that you really have
to walk a little bit off the beaten path to create new forms of cooperation and I
think this applies to the digital society as well I think what was very
interesting today is that there were many people from various various
different disciplines but that not only that except for the site researchers
there were also people from the industries from a nonprofit
organizations from governments government agencies and what I think is
so important that now we look for commonalities what do we what are the
stakes for us together in this digital society and if we collaborate on those
you know big common stakes I think that if we if we can work on that
together if it will collaborate on these issues the big problems that we have to
solve but also the big challenges that we’re facing I think
would be the most important thing

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