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hi my name is Aron and I’m Lori and
together we’re the retails RV have you ever thought about where camping if so
comment work in the comment section below or if you haven’t you want more
information go ahead and type camping in the comment section below because we
would love to hear from you in this video we’re gonna take you along on a
typical day of work camp as one of my main duties in the office
as a camp post is I greet the customers as they first pull in and get them
registered filling out all the information that we need from them write
everything down in the book with what the customer is paid so I can document
that I also have a day sheet and I can mark the site that they’ve gone to so
that we don’t try to assign somebody else – that’s it the sites have been
pre-assigned once the registration is complete then we take them out to their
site all right so now while Lori’s finishing up the paperwork let’s go
check some sites and make sure that everything’s good to go for the campers
that are coming in to see me so one other thing that I need to do is
hang these bathrooms I like camping and I like the warm weather but I sure like
it wouldn’t it’s wintertime and the showers they closed and I don’t have to
blame them it last but not least let’s check out this laundry room make sure
it’s ready for the next people so that we have a chance to take a break
for a few moments let’s go ahead and talk some more about our camping
experience our typical day is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
occasionally we get I had a late arrival that comes in after hours and what we’re
doing is watching out the window forum up until 9:00 and that way we can go
ahead and assist them and get the import into the park we’re fortunate enough
that they’re in some other set of camp hosts here which allows for us to work
for three days on two days off two days on and three days off that gives us an
opportunity to go out and do some adventure and exploring on our weekends
off so what we get provide is as far as working for the campsite is we get fhu
which is full hookups what that means is we get our lot rent paid for we get
water sewer garbage we also get cable internet they also provide us with
metered electricity and when I’m a metered if you go over a certain amount
then they charge you for anything you have in excess of that when we first got
to the park they asked that we be here for longer than a couple of months
because that’s usually what it takes a training time to get things going they
actually would like to for us to be here for at least a minimum of six months if
you have any questions about we’re camping leave them in the comment
section below an8 it looks like we got to get going
there’s another camper coming yeah bye so we’ll see you guys later bye my boy


  1. Fred Wilson said:

    Hey Navy yes, my wife and I are planning on doing some work camping. We're just waiting on me to retire. Planning on spending most of our time in Texas for the first year. Thinking about looking at the state parks. Have you done any work camping in a state park? Go Army.

    November 29, 2019
  2. Online Hustler said:

    Awesome tips bro, you've got a new subscriber. I also make tutorials on how to make $$$, please check them out on my channel <3 Thanks!!

    November 29, 2019
  3. granny sweet said:

    Check your opening picture on you tube. Worst resting b!tch face ever. Unfortunate picture. Laughed 😂 at duster for cleaning laundry room. We all know it takes more than that. Enjoy your work and travels, thank you for sharing.

    November 29, 2019
  4. Aron Jemison said:

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    November 29, 2019
  5. Susan Salinas said:


    November 30, 2019

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