8 Things You Should Never Say to Chinese People – Chinese Culture

If you’d like to see the English subtitles, please do as following… On Smartphone. click “three vertical dots” at the topper right corner, and then turn the “Captions” on. On PC, click “CC” button (on the left of “Settings”) at the lower right corner on YouTube. Doudou, do you know these two characters? Yes. This word has two pronunciations. If you read it as ‘dōngxī’, it indicates directions, the East and the West; If you read it as ‘dōngxi’, that means stuff without life. For example, cup, pen, and mobile phone, all of them don’t have life, so they’re stuff. Teacher, you have life, so you are not stuff. Get out of here! “不是东西” literally means to be not a thing. But remember that, you can never say that a Chinese people is not a thing, ‘不是东西’. Because it is a swearing word in Chinese. If you say someone ‘不是东西’ in Chinese, it means that person is really bad in fact. Hello, teacher, today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday! This is my gift for your birthday. Thank you, Doudou, what’s this? This is a beautiful clock. Get out of here! In Chinese, ‘钟(clock)’ and ‘终(end)’ share the same pronunciation. ‘送终’ means attend upon a dying people or handle the funeral affairs of the senior in Chinese. So you can never send a clock as a gift to a Chinese people. If you do that, they will think you are cursing them to die. Doudou, what are you eating? I’m eating the fried rice. Teacher, do you want some rice? Get out of here! We have learnt that ‘要’ means ‘want, would like’ in Chinese, ‘要饭’ literally means ‘want rice, would like some rice’. Actually, ‘要饭’ means beg for food or money in Chinese culture. If you say ‘你要饭吗?’ to a Chinese, you mean ‘Are you a beggar?’ in fact. That’s so rude, isn’t that? Teacher, I am learning to cook Chinese food recently. How about I bring some to you tomorrow? Sure. Which dish are you learning to make? Fried squid. Get out of here! If there’s one dish that all the Chinese don’t like the most, it must be Fried squid. Why? Because fried squid is not only a dish, but also means that somebody gets fired at work in Chinese culture. I think nobody wants to be fired, right? So do Chinese people. Doudou, the food you cooked is delicious, only the rice is a little bit hard. Sorry, teacher. I don’t know that you like eating soft rice. Get out of here! Notice that, never tell a Chinese man that he eats soft rice, ‘吃软饭’. Because in Chinese, ‘吃软饭’ means a man depends on a woman to survive, it also means the man is incompetent. I think it is a big shame for a man. Do you think so? Teacher, is this a picture of you when you were a child? Yes, it is. Compared to the look when you were a child, you have changed beyond recognition. Get out of here! ‘面目全非’ is a Chinese idiom. It means nothing remains the same, and everything changes beyond recognition. But attention please, this is a negative word. So if you just want to say that someone has changed a lot, but mean no offense, you’d better not use this word. Teacher, the cookies are made by myself, have a taste, please. Thank you, Doudou! But it’s enough, I can’t finish. No worries, teacher. If you can’t finish it, you can pack it to take away. Get out of here! ‘吃不了兜着走’ is often used to warn or even threaten people that if they do things without considering the consequences, they will suffer very bad results. This phrase is often used with ‘如果’. ‘如果……, 我就让你吃不了兜着走!’ If (something happens), you will not be able to bear the consequence! Have you got it now? Teacher, Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Doudou! This green hat is my Christmas gift for you. Do you like it? Get out of here! Remember that, green hat is not a good gift for the Chinese. Because in Chinese culture, wearing a green hat (戴绿帽子) is an expression that a person’s partner cheated on him or her. That’s why nobody likes that in China. And I think nobody likes that in the whole world either. Alright, that’s all for today. If you like this video, please click the subscription button and hit the small bell below this video, so that you can get notified as soon as we post a new video. Thanks for watching. See you next time!

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