2018 USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Commencement – 11:30 am

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen the USC Suzanne Warrick peck School of Social Work is pleased to introduce a multilingual welcome from the class of 2018 [Applause] good morning faculty staff friends family and a class of 2018 welcome to the USC Susanne Dvorak peck School of Social Work commencement ceremony greeting in estonian their home because a butte personal separate perico not yellow patenella said Tara two llamas USC Suzanne the work back School of Social Work lip walk to son greetings in Farsi salamba supercade Hayati and me car : for Nevada ha do stone bhakti-rasa go is a huge that Vomero simmer for the verticillium a TCH Tomoya Daanish Cadiz Suzanne Dvorak pegged at USC for Samedi [Applause] greetings and Russian don't redeem that agree pedagogy Drew's EMEA a a class ethnicity vicinity of Aguada the proposal about not created ceremonial UST Suzanne door attack School of Social Work [Applause] greetings in Spanish buenos dias professor des personal familias amigas amigas rita hilde la casa de Londos Millia CEO Cho Yemeni doz a la ceremonia de grado she owned LAUSD Suzanne Dvorak escuela de trabajo social Aviva Mario [Applause] greetings in Swahili hibari azubu cattivo – e cos e familia Marivic e Nadar hasta la huaca elfin Billie come inna nahnu caribou necrosha Raheja qu okikuta Southern California Sue's antibiotic School of Social Work Shara hockey team of caribou greedy's in Tagalog Mabuhay maganda Wagamama guro colony familia vegan at Maharana 2011 libo at levine wallow malika I'm forgetting the ceremony on impact the post on USC Suzanne the vortex School of Social Work greetings aunty swathi car carnage on Papa lacan condom lien club floor plan dr. Tommy Wong la la linea Kong USC Suzanne twerk School of Social Work be song pancit bad greetings and Venom ease simcha Livi young vien Hyun Bin Ladin's vampire vallabha Kangin Witham chip wave emoting iviva Charl mung them by boiling Rajan go USC Suzanne Dvorak Peck qua come back going back south [Applause] please welcome the Dean of the USC Susanne Dvorak Peck School of Social Work Marilyn Flynn well thank you for a wonderful start to our ceremony we're really incredibly proud of the diversity of our school and we're also incredibly proud to celebrate today the accomplishments of every one of you who are graduating from our USC Suzanne – art Peck school of social work class of 2018 so you know that we have students in our program from every nation around the world and many who have studied in our virtual academic centre here today the fact that you do come from such a wide range of communities and experiences makes you a mighty force for social good in our society together we all have a great mission a calling to make a better life for society this celebration is every one of you knows would just not be possible without the love and the support of family members and friends so graduates please stand up and honor those who supported you by around us applause give them a big and while you're standing I'd like to I'd like you to acknowledge another critical group to your success the dedicated faculty and staff members who've mentored and supported you would you stand that would our faculty please stand and staff thank you thank you all we're really honored today to have one of our most prominent alumni she is Suzanne toric Peck who has given us her name and given our school a place in perpetuity here at this university Suzanne – art Peck our trustee our alumni and our benefactor would you stand up please Suzanne well this year the commencement marks two milestones for the school later this afternoon our first class from the doctorate the professional doctor of Social Work program will be hooded alongside with our long-standing ph.d program and this morning with you I'm thrilled to have our first class from the family nurse practitioner program in the school's Department of Nursing before we proceed with the awarding of degrees however just a small reminder please keep the aisles clear at all times we are a wonderfully big school but you know we can get disorderly let's not let's keep the aisles clear we have if you can believe it over 5,000 proud family members and loved ones here today we're a place in itself on in the university so for everyone's safety please your cooperation is really appreciated we've got a professional photographer here who's going to take a photo of each and every graduate so you can stay in your seats I promise you there will be photographs I'm now going to ask our administrators and announcers to prepare to receive the class of 2018 so graduates when you're prompted please come to the stage with your name card as you return to your seats you're going to get a special gift from the office alumni relations who are here to welcome you into our alumni community because you are going to be the best of our alumni right yes we will first confer candidates for the Master of Science in Nursing followed by candidates for the master of Social Work please welcome the chair of our department of Nursing dr. Ellen Al Shean ski this is a special day for you our nursing graduates are truly our pioneers a pioneer is a trailblazer an innovator a person who takes risks in the spirit of advancing society you are masters level family nurse practitioner graduates are our first graduating class of our program you truly are our pioneers three students comprise our inaugural cohort that is actually graduating in May and then we have an additional 11 students who are graduating officially in August but are walking today all of you are the pioneers of this program all of you are blazing a new trail and represent the future of advanced practice nursing you have been educated to embrace an important approach to primary health care one that emphasizes the biological and the psychosocial as they interact with one another you will practice as nurse practitioners who understand the social aspects of health as critical factors to biological health and why is this important scientific evidence tells us that 80% of health conditions are due to social aspects of one's life such as where we live our economic status our access to health care through our strong collaboration with our Social Work colleagues you the students have had the opportunity to emphasize these social determinants of health into your nurse practitioner role in a unique way our profession of Nursing actually has several pioneers in fact these pioneers did embrace the social determinants of health Lillian Wald comes to mind she is the mother of public health nursing she blazed a trail in providing home care to immigrants in the Lower East Side of New York City at the turn of the 19th century she recognized that the living conditions of the immigrants were critical to the health that they experienced and of course Florence Nightingale is internationally recognized as the mother of modern nursing and she emphasized what we call today evidence-based practice she worked in a hospital in the Crimean War and found that the environment of the patients including ventilation and cleanliness had a direct effect on their health these nursing leaders went against the grain against the norm as they engaged in activities that reflected forward thinking in the quest for effective solutions to the healthcare problems of our day being first is significant once you have been first those who follow you cannot be first being first being a pioneer requires a leap of faith and all of you enrolled in a brand-new and unknown program so in many ways you the students were the engines for our success you pushed us as we pursued forward therefore enhancing your own success as well as our success so to you our first master's nursing graduates we wish you well as you create pathways for future graduates setting up your own legacy at the USC Suzanne Dvorak Peck School of Social Work Department of Nursing now as pioneers we know you will encounter obstacles and challenges which is all to be expected but the faculty and I are confident that you will meet these challenges and you will be successful and even on an anecdotal level I can say that I had the privilege of teaching our first three students Tico lorena and adrian in the health policy class and this class was at 6:30 at night on a thursday they had already had a full day of clinical and they even had another class before mine and like that what are we gonna talk about what are we gonna do it they really stepped up to the plate and they got very excited about health policy and I even know from yesterday's reception that they're still working in health policy so you truly are the leaders we are excited to see the future steps that you will take and with your skills knowledge passion you've blazed the path you're the leaders in Nursing you will have an important impact on primary care and the health of communities we are excited to see the future students who come after you we look forward to learning about the Bright Futures you have ahead of you you make us all proud I now present for I now present the candidates for the Master of Science in Nursing and I would like to ask Dean Flynn to receive the class of 2018 [Applause] Karthik abou demon Adrienne marks [Applause] Lorena della Rossa Ashley seeker ello Michele Kitson Sarah Geiger Abha Mishra Vanessa Perez Jennifer Santos [Applause] janessa Schmidt Bauer [Applause] Katie Franklin Agnes Sarah Rivera Leah Judy me [Applause] please welcome the vice chair of the department of Nursing Sharon O'Neil good morning and welcome congratulations to the first nursing class of the USC Suzanne Dvorak School of Social Work I would like to invite the graduates to recite the nurse practitioner oath nursing graduates please stand and read with me the oath can be found on the back of the class of 2018 booklet okay so we'll start as a nurse dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and services I solemnly pledge that I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns act in a compassionate and trustworthy manner in all aspects of my care apply my knowledge experience and skills to meet the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients exercise sound professional judgment while abiding by legal and ethical requirements accept the lifelong obligation to improve my professional knowledge and competence promote advocate for and strive to protect the health safety and rights of the patient with this pledge I accept the duties and responsibilities that embody the nursing profession I take this oath voluntarily with full realization of responsibility for which I am trusted by the public again congratulations to this outstanding inaugural class it is now time to confer candidates for the Masters of Social Work please welcome [Applause] please welcome assistant dean of the virginal virtual academic center June Wiley good afternoon class of 2018 Families Dean Flynn honored guests faculty and staff graduation is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the University and I must admit that I join in the chorus of excitement associated with it I am enthralled with the grandeur of our USC ceremony awed by its significance and delighted with the conviviality of it all on the beautiful Southern California campus and to celebrate the accomplishment accomplishments of our MSW virtual students makes it even more momentous as virtual students I'm sure you can appreciate my enthusiasm for many of you this is your first time here on campus and an opportunity to meet your professors and peers in person you have been connected to us across thousands of miles and you successfully bridge that gap by your commitment to learning forged by innovative technology so being here is the culmination of your persistence and dedication to learning and to top it off you get to celebrate in the words of our USC radio station k USC the creative capital of the world this is the place where dreams can become reality with Hollywood the backdrop this is the place where some of your favorite movies and television programs have been made some that you can readily identify with certain periods of your life ah Hollywood so this all bring me this all points to being an environment that harnesses the of creativity revolutionizes its potential and unleashes its power to transform lives engaging us inspiring us leaving us awestruck clamoring for more while I extol the wonders of Hollywood however they pale in comparison to what I know about the transformative power of social work and what I know you will do in the communities where you live and work you too will create dreams and foster their realization without star-studded cast and astronomical budgets or a publicity maven who heralds an opening night however instead what you will do is to use your skillset as social workers to understand and solve the intractable problems that face of society you will bring your knowledge of systems theory your application of evidence-based practices and your adroitness in policy analysis in remedying the issues you confront because you know that complex problems require well conceived researched and executed strategies in order to solve them your awareness and commitment to diversity equity and inclusion will help to focus the lens of our society to that which is truly attention worthy valuing the quality of the life of each person regardless of ethnicity race age religion sexual orientation or citizenship status you are the advocates and borrowing Hollywood's terms you are the superheroes as you will be undaunted by the challenges that you face every day the increasing levels of violence the despair of being addicted the destruction of the dignity of the homeless and the erosion of the basics that a society needs to function well simple gestures of courtesy and respect you are the engineers who will construct and reinforce better ideas of well-being for our society and proclaim that the quality of life cannot be ignored while profits soar because of your masters and social work and your astuteness you will speak truth to power reminding our leaders that the gross domestic product is a weak measure of this country's prowess if our citizens mental and emotional health languish as social workers you know all these things and have decided to devote your lives to the betterment of other people's lives as the latest generation of social workers champions of good and it's of change to take up this mantle you have everything you need the trademark of excellence expertise hope vision empathy and the tenacity to ensure your personal achievements and the success of this great nation and its people thank you congratulations and fight on I now present the candidates for the master of Social Work I would like to ask Dean Flynn to receive the class of 2018 [Applause] Nicole Dawson Simone Webster Harry redden Michael Ramirez Gonzales Lauren Martin Elizabeth Nunez Christina Cena Liz make Lee Holly so see Jennifer Fossum Flores David Andre Moton Maryann Makar [Applause] Patricia serda Robles Susana McClendon Stephanie sinara Heather O'Malley Bridget Gifford Christopher Lowe Stacy Odell Janet Torres reg indan Desiree Milo Jennifer Padilla Nancy Rodriguez Lisbeth Kiros Elizabeth Smith Alexa are giannis by Li Kia Francoise Zach wanna Albert Kelsey O'Connor Tatiana Benton Alexander Robles Tomica Parker Nicole Sachs Kendra Erica brown Constance obeah Buchi Natalie Esparza Evita Henderson Lesley Adams Williams Jenn Brunson Jean Brunson Rob McQueen Latoya Washington Jeremy Stephan's Ashley Russell [Applause] crystal ooh dang whoo Jennifer Nava Brianna Echols Audrey Linville Christy clean Thomas Co fed Ruby Pena Cassandra Aguilar Tila new in beasts all soaked Layla worthy Melia coil yo Kharma yoga Yama Michelle godinez Rachel Beza Lauren nav Adamski's [Applause] Wallace Lee Davis the third Rene Anthony Benitez Marjorie Manuel Jordan Alexander LZ amy-jo wrote on teh Catherine Ellen green Alexandria Preston Melissa figure Rhoda Duane Thompson Patrick Adams Paul Jackson Rosa Maria Louise Desiree Medina Angie Jenkins Elizabeth Castro Sophia Lou Jessica Lawrence Erica oh yay Yahiro Kuopio Kyra Catherine brazier Smith [Applause] Rehana Ghazi Eric Santiago Ashley Montoya Maria Earhart Rini winter Evans [Applause] Kimberly Gogoi Donald Amanda Gandhi Nicole Carmen Bureau Mariana Ocampo Jessica Lachey grant kibriya Lindsey Christie Howard Chelsea Steuben Whitney Michelle Ashlock Ryan Strickland a Leandra Shanae Luke Paul Jerome Peters Candice Milton Benna Kajin a foster Amanda Savard Courtney hodo Jenny Jenny VIN Heather Monique Torres Tiffany Leanne Zaragoza Tiffany Jo Armijo Brenda Rodriguez Michelle Alvarez Melissa Colson Jessica Tsubasa Annette wells Pamela Street Virginia Wimmer Lisette Carmona Jeremy Alvarado Sonya silver Olli Kawena coy day now Nicole Parker Lenna burner Audriana see no shamone marshal Letitia Brookes davana Pugh Caroline so tow dolly oppressor Yaya Vargas Ilana Rosenfeld Megan Fantozzi Felix Nevarez Brian Fong Brittany lannigan JC Miller Sasha Jackson Joshua how it Peter Schaffer Eileen Kim Ashley helvis ttan Jasmine clipper [Applause] Patricia Villegas Nonna Tate nisi Dominique Andy Humphrey sure a green camellia roll Chandra Andrews Emily are DeLeon Ashley chase Megan Casey Jenny Natalia Matthew Tamika Reinhardt Jennifer province [Applause] Diana Santana Auslan Tamia Garcia yo Shanique Lynnae leave [Applause] denisa williamson hannah glassman laurie simmons bunting [Applause] Miriam P southern Amelia Angela Bates Andrea or Nokia Karina Pitino Melissa Jean Dillingham Andrea Sanchez Lindsay Norden Stacey Velasquez mary-rose Castro Trisha McElroy Melia beam Betty Garcia Brenda Torres Junaid Barnes latter a [Applause] Rhonda Raquel Cruz Valerie Monique sand of all Desiree Alyssa pillars Lopez Cena McGriff Thaddeus John Stidham EULA Chang Allison Shaw Nita a d'Alene Shaffer amylin Robson Jocasta and also Katherine Lester Britney Washington Veronica Nunda Jeanette Rosado Elvia Ruiz Adrianna vigil Corey Sullivan Tom Crowl Michelle Crowe [Applause] Lucretia a Cunningham Tiffany Yates Gill Debbie standing water Sierra Missa lindzei seals Kelsey Iverson Jill best Wendy Medina Alvarez Catherine pity Esquivel Marissa Lagrange [Applause] Gina Elena ciccone zanya bus me no brown Alexandra Bonner Miranda Dobbs Elizabeth Randall Jessica Perkins Thompson [Applause] Tomiko Whittlesea Shawna Robinson Bryan Bernard quick [Applause] Rhianna Tucker baby Cunningham Stephanie Melora Carmen Gonzalez Reina crystianna Wendy Bates Valais Brown Stefan Melvin SHINee's Amanda Edwards monshell sharp [Applause] Jocelyn Cruz Aviva Nicole amines and a Michelle Medina Hilda Rosa Martinez Reyes our Sakana sarah catherine bird SIL Jennifer Macmillan kyndra Nicole Myers Mendez [Applause] Katherine Marion green Amanda Mia Shabbos Garcia Gianna Latrice Pontius Luciani an Oreo Alexa Christine testa Judith Naomi sort Oh Maria Gabriela Figueroa Jorge Figueroa [Applause] Giovanni Tapia sarah howard lost alia Alessio Sydney Mary Martin Liliana berzins ax Catherine Wormley Linda sterling Michael Barrett allanté Chappell Denisha bridge Tabora inany [Applause] Brenda Pitchford Christine Burnett Roxanne Castillo Chris crystal Yvonne burn Oscar Molina jessica Marcela Martinez [Applause] Zimmer II Contreras [Applause] Miranda Dinkins [Applause] sheera after Lauren Michael Sandra Rodriguez de la Rosa Beatriz Martinez Jasmine viel cheese Janine Marquez Aubree Oh Erika Gutierrez Judith Verduzco Christopher Reeves [Applause] Nadine Rojas Carlos so Bethany May Shuma Marcel who Leah tumor Jade Victoria Fleming Anthony Martinez Karina Rubio [Applause] Marina Prosecco Terrace Fawlty Kelly Clark Hashim Khan Russell Lea Wyatt the third Megan Maleny Jacqueline Cruz Dominguez Lauren Adler liest paul perez jr Jenna Rachel grote Lee cherylin watts Alberto Domingo Barajas Lauren Sherwin Jamie Elise Arnold Gabriella through Hyo erielle Don Lee Ellen Graham Megan Ryder Diana Lopez Jasmine kanika Nicole Bedford Victoria Pinto Omar Gonzalez my rylann des tamari a M Hamilton Vanessa Chavez Elizabeth Martinez cerrado Ashley Candelaria Elena Dion Howard Wallace Robert Ascencio Jenna kerreri Jennifer viscous Stephanie Fernandez Castillo Dominica Hughes Matthew HED heather nicole Blodgett Erica Hoover Meyer Melanie Cushman Elizabeth Hernandez Gutierrez Raquel Sanchez [Applause] Rebecca Mendoza janay Lorena our shell Jones [Applause] Raquel Raina Ramirez Bria Landrum vinet Veronica Kelly smart Amanda Roberts Brandi King Jackson Alison Rothwell Katherine fight Katelyn fight Tabitha Peterson [Applause] Caitlin Pilar Victoria Louis Blanton Nicole marina den linger ryojun a Edwards Stephanie Bautista Amanda Marie kubacheck kubacheck shy east amber Madden ja feet be cool Jonathan Orlando Adams Ashley Lynn Hill a duel for Salgado Delilah Thomas Randy Strickland [Applause] Jacqueline foster Christina bocce Danka Madeline farmstead Angelique York Rosalind Marie grant [Applause] centaurea irene walton heart salvador Hernandez Roxanne shell Sylvia Yvette Delon hell Diane Ryland Alexandria st. Felix Mitchell a janeshia Brown Morgan Beiler Robert G Healy jr. Jamie du mer Randy Jackson Jill who's managed Sara Babar anamarie Miranda Gonzales Jessica Victoria Van de Velde Shannon Victoria Haji Michelle Gutierrez Eric Flanagan Marvin Roberson Rebecca Solomon Kristen Delgadillo Marita Jackson Jakari Matthews Ashley Nell ik Diana Verdean dream odd Megan Falcon roxanne cetera Rahimi [Applause] the neem tea farm Raoul Barragan Sara Perry IVA burst Briggs Nancy John Erica cats Hubbard Katherine and Beach Alexandra Alexandra Durkee mer all kvetch Ian Danielle Rochelle page Jessica Mary Purvis J Lena Montenegro Kate Wilander Kelly berry a Kia McArthur Troy Keith Addison Cynthia can daya Jade sharee Miller [Applause] Brandon Maurice Barry Brian Miller Katie Austin Alyssa Louise McCall Steven David Diaz unique lagaye Lewis Gabrielle Martinez Leslie Vanessa Ford ratha so Rebecca Browning Michael Lopez Darren boatman anastasiya deli own card well Eponine Louise Johnson Myra Perez so jima Montes Roxanne Malloy Macon Cavanaugh Sarah black Nicole Layton Sydney Harrison Jennifer Roche Randy owlsley Jessica Ripley sublet Cynthia Vanessa Smith Sharon Biel Armendariz Tanya Navarro – Maurice towbar Vanya sold Duran Regina Randolph [Applause] chuckwei Tolliver Dominique Ariana Ortiz Lauren Eames Courtney Taylor Kathleen more Samantha hunt Monica Sagan on alia tell amante's Hoyt faith amethyst Rogers Leora ant osich Michelle Brockton Kristen Doyle Ernestine Helen pesasso Ernestine Mabel Lake taja nice Robertson Tanya slaughter Patrice Johnson Traver Goodwin Monica Clarke Bailey [Applause] Janis Elizabeth Barnes Jessica Jones [Applause] Jonah Nicole Bester Rebecca Buckley Mary Colunga Desiree Nicole Marez Molly Garber Lauren Wilson Madeleine Davis Cassidy Weiss Harlan Farris William chow Jacqueline steamin Melissa – Vera [Applause] Miranda veteran Alexis harden Giovanni Lawrence Melissa Montoya Kaitlyn wonder Martin Alfaro Sharon Hawkins Michelle Rocco Tyler Szymanski blye Brianna Gerdes Jessica amber dirks Kayla Elise Stroman April tam Emerson Adam nosov Cornelia ciphered Vanessa Mendoza Nia Chanel right Kimberly Stewart Kelsey Monroe Mimi Louise Hertzog Caroline Knobloch Emily Lundqvist Brittany Jones Michelle Lee Amanda Guzman Keon Williams Wendy Hernandez Guevara Jessica Medina dong hailey omen sin' Daniel mass grave Armando through he old Caitlyn Marie Myers Emmeline Nicole Ozma anastasiya pavé Arlene via and Pony Oh Cabrera Kaylee Blaney Andreea Davis Lakeisha McKenzie [Applause] Ashley Miramontes earlene Williams Melissa Katherine Thomas Natalie Antoinette Garcia [Applause] velvet Bentley do Baldy uh Mary Elizabeth Palumbo Rachel soul Kristen Mikkel Ian Sandra Lynn Brazell urine urine eesh Slater viviana Lopez Heather are Coolio [Applause] Jasmine Ali Nancy hosaka Chantel locust sharmee Rashid Maria Don Reed Gina wailing Kristen Rios [Applause] gala hunter Michael Paul Paladini Caroline Marie kiss Lee Nevada ray Walton John Oscar Martinez Hannah Viva ESCO Bosa Nicole Eileen Kendrick Allie Gilman heather Lynn Bernhardt [Applause] Shannon Isabel mascara Jen Ramos Adrienne Moroccan Xochi Machado Loyola you sell Raina's Mallory Candra Wolford Heidi de Leon Adrian Brown Brandon Mebane aghh Rudy Espinosa Joshua pellerin Lindy Lydia men Minerva hey flea Patricia Ramirez Miriam Harrison the Shanti Rene Logan Kira Michelle Bryant as Stephanie ax Guzman Stella Sanderson Gayle Cruz Madeline Castaneda Joe Munez jr. Janine Mendez Monica celesta Fernandez Esmeralda and Carrillo Alexis del Castillo Ashley Cole Harris shirah loan a church grace Espanola Myra Rivera Brian Kelton Stewart Brenda Evans [Applause] Victoria Davies Grace Lee [Applause] Davy Lee Henderson Andrea let's Dahlia Estella's Janeiro's Cisneros Lupe la new saloon ah Esmeralda Villalobos Janette Ramos Gonzalez [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please welcome back Dean Marilyn Flynn [Applause] congratulations to the class of 2018 it's a great moment so we have a serious moment now I'd like to ask the graduates to recite the Social Work oath the Social Work graduates would you all stand please and read with me your oath can be found on the back of your booklet for the class of 2018 Social Work graduates across the country are taking this oath as they graduate with you I do affirm would you repeat after me this is your first lesson if somebody says repeat after me that means repeat after me so I do affirm that as a professional social worker I will work to help all people in need I will work to reduce the social problems in our society I will challenge injustice particularly to vulnerable and oppressed individuals I will respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person I will work to enhance the well-being of individuals groups families organizations and communities I will strive to increase my professional knowledge and skill to advance the knowledge base of the profession I shall conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner and abide by the professions code of ethics as established by the National Association of Social Workers all right now you may turn your tassels from the right to the left and I present to you the class of 2018 for the USC sasaengs work Tech School of Social Work so you may you may be seated please so with the turn of this tassel you're no longer a student just think about it no more spring breaks now you're an alumnus or an alumna of the USC so the end to our Peck School of Social Work and as a member a new member our newest members of the school's Alumni Association you're going to join a network of more than 16,000 other social workers and nursing alumni who really make a difference everywhere in communities across the world this is your Alumni Association and it's going to offer you meaningful benefits and resources as you leave please take this opportunity not only to stay connected to your school but to our profession as well you're going to find more details about how to stay in touch with us in your diploma cover I want to thank you all for being part of this momentous milestone for our nursing and Social Work graduates and for our school I hope you're going to join us at the reception and party way which is behind this building and to your right that way so congratulations and fight on class of 2018 now would you please remain seated until the platform party has left thank you [Applause]

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