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My name is Orr, I’m the current owner of this 1971, Citroen SM I bought this car 3 years ago it took me 3 years to restore it With the help from Mr. Bundal, who is an ex-Citroen Mechanic from now defunct, Paris- Bangkok Garage now this car run like new. This car reminds me of my childhood’s metal diecast toy car made by Matchbox it was a Pink Citroen SM I was impressed by the beauty yet peculiar design of the SM I was very fortunate to meet a guy who is selling this car which I traded in my Skyline for this car once I had this car , it has been a challenge in finding someone who know how to restore this car. my name is Bundal Wattanaputi I am the mechanic who responsible in restoring this car. I started my career with Paris-Bangkok Garage on the 15th June 1972 the same period when Citroen SM arrived in Thailand I had a chance to work with a couple of them because my manager trusted my skill I still remember that I was so excited when I first saw this car because it was so out of this world. it was designed with the combination between Italian Sporty engine and Citroen Sophisticate System The suspension system of this car is similar to the DS The interior also very unique. This car is complicate to deal with Not only from a typical classic Citroen system but also from the Maserati 4 Cam Engine itself Tuning 3 Weber Carburetors requires a special tool. The SM’s hydropneumatic system might be a bit complicate compare to the DS and CX if you are interesting in driving a classic Citroen I am happy to help you you can contact me by this number 089-515-2466 I realized that SM is an extraordinary car as it was so Avant-garde when it was debuted in the 1970 Geneva Motorshow Citroen made this car as a showcase featuring the latest version of Hydropneumatic system. which applied through out the whole car. Also this car was so sleek it achieved an exceptional drag co-efficiency of 0.26 very low even with today standard Also it is one of the shortest braking distance car and It was considered as the fastest FWD car at that time. I admires this car since I was young The other car enthusiasts may agree with me that SM is ahead of its time. comparing to other cars from the same era. When I got this car 3 years ago The first thing I did was repairing the body. as the paint was too shabby also as I did not know who can repair the Maserati engine. and the hydropneumatic system since I got no luck with the mechanical system I decided to start with body work first My favorite color on SM is Gold when the car looks nice It brought me a strength to keep going later I was fortunate that Mr.Nueng who has been taking care my cars for ages and has a garage in Bang Yai zone He helped me find Mr.Bundal who is a Citroen Veteran from Paris-Bangkok Garage. We 3 guys teamed up to restore this car. till we finally succeeded The hardest part in restoring this car is spare part finding. since it is almost non existent here it is impossible to find anything in Wat Sohm or Worajak like you would do with other cars. as it was officially import for only 8 cars so I would not expect to find anything locally but it is still able to find spare parts in Europe especially in Netherland Some would say, this car split opinion you either love it or hate it as it is quite an unorthodox Some people including me, love it. I think it is pretty common for a car with a strong character like SM when people looks at my car I don’t know that they admire it or or think that it is weird it is up to them. I haven’t joined any car club apart from “Bangkok Classic Car” One day my friend took pictures if this car during a restoration period and posted on Citroen Club Thailand I found that many people interested in this car A Couple of things that I like about this car First is the Design, it is unique and timeless. Second, it is technology especially the magic carpet ride suspension if you drove it, you would understand what I meant. on regularly smooth road, you might not notice it. but if you drive it on a not well-paved road you will be amazed. Third, it is Maserati Engine it is a V6 2,700 cc which is quite powerful and makes a melodic exhaust note. Fourth, it is the manual tranmission I really enjoy the mechanical “click” sound when I shift the gear lever. The Last thing I like about this car is The interior design All the seat are leather upholstered also the dials and gauges are uniquely French design which came from the same era as the Concorde Jet. we spent some time talked about this car already do you want to have a ride with me? You need to have a ride to understand. how smooth, and sweet it is. ok now I am with khun Orr and his Citroen SM Citroen-Maserati A Gorgeous Coupe from the period that Citroen owned Maserati Let’s go! wow the suspension is so creamy wow! this engine really torquey! powerful indeed. Power of italian V6 feel like I am riding a speed boat. The engine noise is exciting yes it comes from 3 weber carburetors each feeding 2 cylinder on each side of the V V6 needs 3 carburetors. this is a single flow head 2 intake ports and 2 exhaust ports 2 intake ports and 2 exhaust ports per cylinder. but this car has only 12 valves isn’t it? ( I’m quite confusing with its mechanical now) the V shape engine is 90 degree configuration. ok V6 90 degree this engine derived from Maserati V8 But cut 2 cylinder off to make it a V6 So it is FWD Maserati we will go ahead this way. in 1970 it received many awards and became the fastest FWD car in that era. Over 200 kmh? faster than that. around 220-230 and it has a very short braking distance because of hydraulic enhanced system? yes this braking system is famous for the Mushroom like pedal. This car uses Disc Brake but It is not in the wheels it is an inboard design attached to the engine. The inboard system reduced unsprung weight. it is fun to drive but you need a time to learn to drive this car properly In the manual it said “you need 70 km to learn how to control the SM” and “you suppose to practice it around your neighborhood before hitting a superhighway” LOL, the manual even stated that! you need 70 KM to learn because this car is unlike other car. you need a “Run In” period for the driver! This car has a couple of unconventional behavior. Like the self centering steering wheel Oh yes! it reminds me of Citroen CX we reviewed before I found that self returning steering need a time to practice like you said. for those who is not familiar with this system driving it is very disturbing other unconventional is Braking Feel “The Mushroom” it acted like a switch requires only a slight touch Once you familiar it is very easy to drive it is a type of car that requires the driver to adapt to the car This particular model was so rare in Thailand even rarer today some of them rotten away by the shortage of parts and lack of know-how. there are a couple of things that hard to solve in the past because technology limitation For instance the alternator system you need people who has an insight about this model I am lucky to have Mr. Bundal helped my restore this car. There were only 8 units imported to Thailand in the 70’s from 8 cars he usually fixed, it had been disappeared one by one Broken down? Today Car Culture Thailand feels really grateful to have khun Orr who gave us a chance to learn about the legendary Citroen SM if you like our story please do not forget to “Subscribe” and press “Like” or “Share” it to your friends We promise to find an interesting car to share with you again next week Khun Orr, Thank you very much sir, really appreciate. and see you again next week, bye! Hi! my name is Orr, I drive 1971 Citroen SM

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